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Do you know that Thomas Kinkade, the painter of light, wrote when paintings speak?

After learning this inspirational artist had passed from this life, I remembered his book that I had previously read. “The Art of Creative Living, Making Every Day A Radiant Masterpiece.”

This morning I took this book down and began to read it again. I want to share with you some of the thoughts from the chapter. “When Paintings Speak”.

It surprised me to learn that at times, even Thomas Kinkade experienced some of the same doubt and frustration as I do. I expect that you share these thoughts from time to time, also.

A quote from this chapter states…
“Too often, those aspiring to greater creative productivity feel stymied, distracted, or even a little bored as they walk into the office or workspace to face the day’s demands. I know most of the typical responses and feelings…because at one time or another I’ve felt them myself:
* “I’d rather be out in the sunshine than here in this studio” or
* “I can always start a little later this morning or this afternoon.”

He suggested overcoming this self-defeating behavior by finding a new way to go about your work. Seek a call that is so strong, it cannot be ignored.

Let each painting guide you.

Paintings Speak

Paintings Speak

Do you like to work in the morning?

Then take your cup of coffee and review each painting that is in progress in your studio. Take time to let each painting speak to you, let it tell you what needs to be painted next, or it may tell you that there is a line that is not the right angle, it may need a little more light here or it needs to be darker there or the focal point needs to be sharper.

My goal is to make each painting, as Kinkade states, “a friend, companion or collaborator.”

Do you see the importance of listening to your paintings as well as visualizing them? If Thomas Kenkade sometimes thought that it would be great to be outside instead of in the studio, don’t you think it’s normal for you to have these thoughts, too? His desire to paint meaningful pictures kept him on track. Your dedication can move you forward as well.

My paintings are at ElleneBreedloveDavis.com/paintings – not the style of Kinkade’s, but they are from my heart. They record places and times that are important to me. Come visit!

One Response to “Do Your Paintings Speak to You?”

  1. Tracy says:

    A typical art exhibition proposal requires a cover letter, a CV, an artist statement, an exhibit proposal, an image list, an exhibition proposal and images of your work.
    Tracy recently posted..Pick up does not always have to be super flashy

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