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Challenge My challenge this past week was to take a drawing class with a well known artist and teacher – Amanda Carder Lovett. I have taken a class with Amanda before but still I felt a little up tight because she was teaching a subject I was not totally comfortable with. I tried to figure out the problem and came up with some answers that I want to share with you.

Sometimes the challenge

is not feeling creative in a room full of strangers. Added to that you can’t help but sneak a peek at the person sitting next to you to see how much better they are than you. And to add even more stress, the teacher is teaching something that requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Ever been there? I have, many times and I want to show you 3 ways to make the challenge less stressful so your creativity can shine through the challenge.

1. Become familiar with other artists in the group. Most hostess have a time of coffee and pastries before the class starts. As you gather you talk and learn about the skill level there, no need to peek over the shoulder any more.

2. Surely, you’re very interested in the subject being taught or you would not have signed up and paid your fee. You may not have actually learned this skill yet, keep an open mind.

3. Have all the supplies the teacher has recommended you bring to class. If you’re interested in learning her way of drawing and painting, then learn to use the products she uses. This makes it easier when you are back in the studio to duplicate what she taught in class.

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw and paint with watercolors? But, felt you didn’t have the time to devote to learning this skill?

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