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North Georgia Watercolor Landscape Artist

North Georgia Watercolor Landscape Artist

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone has had a great time of rest and relaxation! And, that you are ready to go forward with renewed interest in your art.
From time to time,I like to reflect to see just how far I’ve come. Ithink about this, make notes and set new goals for the future.  Some are saying that the economy looks lots better and some are saying it’s still standing still, I’m saying  Go for it!  Decide right now that there will be no more procrastination in doing what you want to do.  
A quote from Harold Taylor that I like is “The Roots of True Achievement Lies in Your Will.”  So it ‘s up to each of us to make our lives what we want them to be.
I want to tell you about the “Tips and Tools for Artists” that you can receive each week.
 It starts with Palette Selection and there are 4 lessons for beginning  to learn about being an artist, then we go into one and two point perspective, which every landscape artist needs to know.
Tips and Tools for Artists

Learn to Paint

Usually I send a video and give you a link to the pdf so that you can download it,
file it in a notebook and at the end of the course, which is 52 weeks, you will have a very good art course and you can’t beat the price. FREE  My gift to you.
This is an excellent way to learn to be an artist at your own pace.
When I started on the internet it was my intention to help other artists in any way that I could.  This is one of my ways to do that.
You can begin your course right now by going over and  typing  in your name and email address in the upper right corner of this blog.  You will receive lesson one immediately.  If you have any problems downloading give me a call at 678-528-7099 or email me at yellowcreekart@gmail.com
After being under the weather for most of last year, I’m out and about again!! Love it, feeling poorly cramps my style!
So far this year I’ve hung a solo show at the main library in Gainesville, located at 127 Main Street, NW Gainesville, GA, signed up for a drawing class with an artist that I like to work with and I’m going to Atlanta in February to learn more about working with the internet.  As you can see, my schedule is picking up fast!
What are your plans for the first quarter of 2013?  I really would like to hear them.
I wish you success in 2013 and much creative energy!

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